Gary Blinco Books

Gary Blinco was born in Toowoomba on the Darling Downs, Queensland, in 1947, and grew up on a small vegetable crops farm in a remote area of bush near Millmerran. The family lived in impoverished and almost primitive conditions during the late forties through to the mid-sixties when they were forced off the farm after the father became ill.

Blinco was denied access to formal education during his childhood – not beginning school until he was over eleven years old, then completing two grades per-year until he was removed from school at age fourteen to help his father on the land.

His early working life was spent in various rural / labouring jobs until he was called up for two years National Service under the conscription program during the Vietnam War.

Blinco used his military training as a means to elevate his educational levels, eventually gaining tertiary standards in the financial services sector. He served fourteen years in the army, including two years war service in Vietnam as an infantry squad leader and platoon commander. He left the army in 1981 with the rank of Warrant Officer and a wealth of experience with people and extreme conditions.

He has written six books across a range of genres and all are now published internationally. Gary now hobby farms near Maryborough / Hervey Bay, on the Fraser coast and is currently working on further writing projects.